Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Eerie Silence


I know that I have been oddly quiet lately, and I apologize to my loyal readers. Both of you. My silence is not because I have nothing to say. Right or wrong, good or bad, I nearly always have something to say. Nor is it because nothing is going on.

There is, for instance, a fascinating story of homosexual self-loathing and unethical journalism that you can read about at prettygoodlutherans.

There is also a recent meltdown via email from WordAlone president Jaynan Clark to ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson. I think Clark's message highlights the fact that the divisions in the ELCA are not just about sexuality, nor even about the interpretation of Scripture. They are also, and perhaps primarily, a clash of worldviews. Read about it at Obie Holmen's blog.

So what is keeping me from blogging more? Just that I am trying to buy a new home and sell an old one. Keeping my house in showcase condition is a never ending task. For a while, then, my posts will be infrequent and sporadic.

I snagged the picture of the world's most famous cricket here. Wanna buy my house?


  1. Good luck with the home sale!

    I've been too busy to blog as well. But it is for good reasons!

    We are now a SAWC, just got a new pastor (LOVE HER!!) and are planning our first worship service on July 4! The UCC in town has opened its doors for us and we will be renting space to use their sanctuary and fellowship hall. And we are working out a more formal arrangement for a partnership that will be mutually beneficial for both congregations.

    Things definitely happen for a reason!

    If you are ever up in our neck of the woods, would love it if you could worship with us!

  2. Thanks for the invite, Kelly. I love northern Wisconsin and will be up that way in July, though I'm not sure my schedule will allow me to attend worship. We will have to see.

    I'm delighted to hear about the SAWC. We have five Synodically Authorized Worshiping Communities in the Northern Illinois Synod. (Our bishop was one of the prime movers in the ELCA evangelism plan that the SAWC concept comes from). I am glad that the ELCA remnant from dissident congregations are being cared for.

    As for the home sale...apparently my real estate agent scheduled a showing for this morning but neglected to tell me. His wife caught me in the shower, butt nekkid, dripping wet, with nothing but a pink hand towel for protection. Somehow I managed to have the house in show-shape and get myself (fully clothed) and the cat out the door in ten minutes.

    Almost gave new meaning the word "showing."

    I appreciate the good wishes.

  3. Good luck with the house.

    I think you're right about differing worldviews. With different starting points, it is inevitable that we end up in different places.

  4. His wife caught me in the shower, butt nekkid, dripping wet, with nothing but a pink hand towel for protection.

    Which reminds me if the husband (it's his day off) remembers the delivery dudes are coming today to deliver the washer and drier.

    Wackiness could occur. Sigh.

  5. And it's official:

    We're up and running as of this week and will be celebrating our first worship service on Indepedence Day!!

  6. Kelly,

    I am delighted that there will be a continuing, and even revitalized, ELCA presence in your home town. I will pray for this new venture that God will bless it, and that the Gospel of God's grace will be heard clearly through it.

    God bless!