Friday, August 17, 2012

This Blog Is Going on Hiatus


I started this blog to add my voice to the conversation about human sexuality that was then current in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the wider church, and our society. The debates have not ended, not by a long shot, but the ELCA has made its decisions. We have paid some small cost for doing what I believe is the right thing. Our church body is now kinder, more inclusive, and more just. We have begun to move on.

I've derived a deal of satisfaction and pleasure from writing these blogposts. I've gone on some interesting side-trips dealing with biblical interpretation and translation. I had some fun with Harold Camping's failed Judgment Day prediction in May of 2011. I have interacted with some terrific people who read and commented on my blog. Some of them have agreed with me. Some have disagreed. Either way, I've enjoyed the conversation.

Now I'm thinking this blog may have run its course.

At the end of the month, I will be taking a sabbatical, an epic bicycle tour from Seattle back to my home in Illinois. I've started a new blog, Velocipedic Saturnal, to chronicle the trip. And yes, if you read the blog, I promise to explain what "velocipedic saturnal" means.

Thanks to everyone who has read this blog. If you are a subscriber, don't unsubscribe. I may choose to revive the blog after my return from Seattle.

God bless,