Monday, September 13, 2010

Even Pretty Good Things


I like to check my Blogger "stats" from time to time. They can be interesting, if not instructive.

For example, my stats show that the vast majority of pageviews for this blog come from the United States. Curiously, South Korea comes in second, with  Canada a distant third. I suspect that there may be a bot in South Korea visiting me. A handful of pageviews come from such far-flung places as Germany, the UK, China, Latvia, Romania (Hi, Fr. A!), Japan and Russia.

The "referring URLs" section of my stats shows that most of my pageviews came from Susan Hogan's Pretty Good Lutherans site. If you have not seen it yet, Susan posted this note in the sidebar of her site:

So long …

Dear Readers,

This site launched in early September 2009 as the ELCA entered a critical transition period. It provided a hub for you to find all of the "secular" media coverage about your denomination post-CWA09.

It's also been a place to examine issues together and to lift up your voices. Your response was incredible. Please know that I'm truly grateful.

Now that the year has passed, I'm discontinuing this site to move ahead with other projects. If I reprise the site in the future, I'll let you know. Again, thank you for your generous support.

With gratitude,

Personally, I am sorry to see go. I have enjoyed the regularly updated content, the Lutheran bloggers featured in the sidebar, the links to various news sources, and, well, just all of it.

Bloggers like myself are only opinionated editorialists. Susan Hogan is a journalist.

Susan, if you happen to read this, thanks for a year of prettygoodlutherans, and God bless you in your future endeavors.

The stick figure illustrating this post was lifted from Susan Hogan used this figure to represent bloggers who were featured on her website but who did not provide a suitable photograph. She used the blue bordered stick figure as my picture for quite a while. Funny thing is, I actually look like that.


  1. Nah, Brant, you're not *that* skinny. :)

    It's a shame, though, that PGL is shutting down. It was a good hub for Lutheran conversation.

  2. I am the source of at least some of your South Korean pageviews. I'm a Lutheran from Minnesota teaching in Seoul for a couple years, and I look at ELCA blogs to keep up with what's going on. I also check back way more often than you post because, well, it's a good way to procrastinate and so far I've been too lazy to get Google Reader. I really enjoy your writing.
    So there you go...I guess I'm the bot. :-)


  3. Well, I'll be... Welcome, Daniel! I'm still amazed that anyone reads these little essays of mine, let alone an ELCA Lutheran from Minnesota teaching in Seoul. Now, I wonder who reads me in Latvia and Russia. Hmmmmmm...