Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's Share The Love

On his DarthJedi blog, Justin shared his observations from the Upstate New York Synod Assembly. Concerning t a presentation made by Carlos Pena, Vice-president of the ELCA, he wrote:

"Another interesting thing [Pena] said was that he has received almost no letters from supporters of the decisions made in August, so supporters send some letters!"
Justin's idea got picked up in the comments to this thread on Obie Holmen's blog, Spirit of a Liberal.

This is not an easy time to be in leadership in the ELCA. Bishops and their staffs are on the receiving end of a lot of anger. I am sure that a few words of appreciation and support would go a long way.

So, here is my plan. I am going to write letters to Carlos Pena, Bishop Hansen and my synodical bishop. I will tell them that I support the ELCA and its 2009 Churchwide Assembly decisions regarding sexuality. I will thank them for their leadership and tell them that I pray for them regularly. I will post the text of my letters here along with their office addresses. I will encourage you, my readers, to send similar letters.

Those of you who have blogs might consider doing the same thing.

Lay members of ELCA congregations might want to send a letter of support to your pastor.

A little encouragement goes a long way. Let's get some ELCA love started!

I found Vincent Van Gogh's painting of the Good Samaritan here. I used it for this post, well, just because.

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