Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Letter to Carlos Pena, Vice President of the ELCA

In keeping with the intent of my last post, here is the text of the letter I have written to Carlos Pena. I hope that others will join me in expressing their support for our ELCA's leadership at the Churchwide, synodical and congregational levels.

Mr. Carlos E. Pena
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
8765 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631

June 10, 2010

Dear Mr. Pena,

Pastor Justin Johnson recently blogged about some of his observations from the Upstate New York Synod Assembly. Among his notes, he cited you as saying that the ELCA has not received many letters of support following the 2009 Churchwide Assembly decisions regarding sexuality and the rostering of same-sex partnered clergy. Here, belatedly, is one such letter.

I believe that the ELCA has done the right thing. I believe that the voting members of the 2009 Churchwide assembly acted bravely. I believe that their decisions represent a faithful application of Scripture, Lutheran tradition, theological reflection and discernment of God's activity in our world. I am proud to be a member of the ELCA.

Thank you, Mr. Pena, for your leadership of our church body in this difficult time. Please know that I hold you, and all of the ELCA's leaders in my prayers. May God bless you abundantly.


Rev. Brant Clements

I cannot figure out how to put a tilde over an "n" in blogger. The hard copy of the letter above has Carlos Pena's name spelled correctly. My letters of support to Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson and my synodical Bishop Gary Wollersheim will be the subject of posts to come.

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