Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midafternoon Update

I would need to check this out, but I heard someone say that, at the National Workshop on Christian Unity, the denominational networks meet apart more than together. If this is true, it's ironic.

I did, however, just come from a joint meeting of the Lutheran, Episcopal, and Methodist networks.

The Roman Catholics met separately during this time. Someone called this "the elephant in the (other) room."

We do what we can together.

I've said the Nicene Creed twice in worship now. Both times with the filioque clause (Google it). Is it any wonder the Orthodox are not represented?

Another comment heard at the last session: "It's easy for Mainliners to talk to one another. The real divide in Christianity is between the Mainline and Evangelicals."


  1. I wonder how many ELCA folk have noticed the asterisk in the Nicene Creed in ELW.

    1. Asterisk?


      I think its time we dropped the filioque clause. I can affirm the Creed without it and now it is only, unnecessarily divisive.