Thursday, November 14, 2013

Psalms 70-73


Psalm 70 is attributed to David and is nearly identical to Psalm 40:13-17. The major difference is that Psalm 40 uses the divine name YHWH (translated "Lord") and Psalm 70, typical of Book II of the Psalms, substitutes Elohim (God).

Psalm 71 has no heading and may have been a continuation of Psalm 70. It shares with that previous psalm a plea for deliverance from enemies. It is, seemingly, the prayer of an older person.

Psalm 72 is a royal psalm attributed to Solomon. Verse 1 explains the attribution. It refers to the king as a "king's son." The psalm praises the king for his concern for the poor and asks that he be blessed with long-life, dominion, victory, and prosperity. Verses 18-19 are a doxology, perhaps meant to conclude Book II of the Psalms. Verse 20 says that the "prayers of David are now ended." There will, however, be more psalms attributed to David. Probably Book II was thought of as "the prayers of David."

Book III begins with Psalm 73 which is attributed to the musician Asaph. We have seen this attribution before at Psalm 50. Psalms 73-83 are all attributed to Asaph.  This psalm declares that the wicked prosper. Briefly. The psalmist admits to being tempted to live like those wicked. But in the end the psalmist declares his faithfulness.

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