Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1 Chronicles 25:1-27:34


In 1 Chronicles 25 David's reorganization of the Levites continues as he assigns the musicians their duties. It's interesting to note that the musicians are considered prophets. They prophesy with their instruments. Whether this represents some kind of spirit-induced improvisation is an open question.

It is also worth noting that musicians, and all of the temple functionaries, are subject to the king. Bringing the ark and building the temple in Jerusalem consolidated the king's power.

In chapter 26 the temple gatekeepers, treasurers, officers, and judges are assigned their duties.

Chapter 27 lists Israel's military divisions, tribal leaders, and civic officials. There is a note concerning another abortive and ill-fated attempt at taking a census. This time the issue is with Joab who proves to be an overzealous census taker. He tries to count those (tribal leaders?) under the age of 20.

This whole census business is fraught with dangers and difficulties.

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