Saturday, August 10, 2013

Churchwide Assembly

Tomorrow morning I will board a plane bound for Pittsburgh where I will spend a week serving as a voting member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Churchwide Assembly. I have attended one Churchwide Assembly previously, the 2003 Assembly which was held in Milwaukee. I tell people that it is the Assembly at which we did not discuss human sexuality.

It is a privilege to be elected a voting member. I expect to put in long hours doing the work of the Assembly. I also expect to have a little fun. Worship this year should be extra special as the ELCA is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

I'm looking forward to Thursday evening when I will attend a banquet for ELCA Ecumenical and Interfaith representatives.

2013 is either the last biennial assembly or the first triennial assembly depending, I suppose, on your perspective. At any rate previous assemblies were held every two years. In the future, as a cost saving measure, they will be held every three years.

If you would like to read more about the Assembly, there is a decent article here at I think you'll be able to watch a live webcast of the Assembly here at Who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of me. (Note to self: Do not pick nose!)

I don't know if I'll have much opportunity to update this blog while I'm gone. We shall see.

Always being made new.


  1. Interesting blog, sir. I'm the author of a blog with a loosely similar idea: Saint Cynic ( I started it in 2008, but have tapered out this past year due to other circumstances in life.

    Anyway, just thought I'd say 'hello' from one ex-Lutheran minister to one I assume is presently active, still. :)


  2. Safe travels. Do good work, and don't let the Pietists grind you down.

    1. What makes you think I'm not a pietist? I mean other than this blog?